Kids onesies

Let your little one stand out with maximum cuteness in our new velour kids onesies collection! Providing a royal level of comfort, be sure to enjoy your kid's newfound smile and let it light up your heart for days to come! Cartoons and cereal in your kid's new favorite onesie, surrounded by loved ones surely make for the fondest moments, touching that very special place deep inside. Make sure to juice up those memories with love and style! Whether a cozy day indoor or action at the park, our wear will give your child just the comfort he needs. Forget all your dressing up hassle, from now on it's just slide in, zip up and you're ready to rock the day! The high quality velour finish ensures a soothing ease on tender skin that will help your child be relaxed everywhere he goes. Snug as a butterfly's cocoon, it's sure to give your kid wings of comfort!